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Hotel Blocks on the A, C, or F Trains

So, we're getting married at Bubby's in DUMBO in June and hotel blocks are turning into a nightmare. I'd love to have people stay in Brooklyn, but Hotel Le Bleu basically would not guarantee a discount, Nu Hotel quoted me a price that seemed super high and, though I currently have a block at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott, but when I called yesterday to see about a wedding night room for me and the fiance (another thing I'm still looking for!), they told me that there's a $2.50 charge per out of town bag, which I am REALLY not happy about. Thoughts? Suggestions? At this point, I'm open to anything on the A, C, or F trains.

Re: Hotel Blocks on the A, C, or F Trains

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    You, like me, are probably thinking about ease of the commute.  But if you are having a hard time finding a place, just find something not too far away and guests will take/spilt a cab.  Depending on your date, if it's going to be hot, I'd rather cab it door to door than walk from the subway anyway (and in the sun, that bit of a walk to Bubby's will result in sweat).

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    I've heard from a lot of NYC gals that it is probably just best to give a few hotel recommendations and let your guests handle it (rather than a block).  A lot of people prefer to just use priceline or similar websites.  There is a Holiday Inn Express in Brooklyn as well but it is not in the nicest area (kind of a no mans land between Caroll Gardens and Park Slope).
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    we are also getting married at bubbys this summer and were considering the same thing.  in the end, i actually don't think my guests will rely to much on subways - they will grab a taxi or bubbys said they would call cars for guests at the reception when needed and i am also considering just setting up transportation for them via bus or something.  however, that being said, check out both the Thompson LES (right near the F train) - they are very nice and offer somewhat decent discounted rates.  also check the soho grand or tribeca grand (right near the A/C trains) and they are also extremely nice and offer even better rates.  
    good luck!  here's to bubby's!
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