Hair anxiety!

So, a few months a ago (actually last July) I got my hair colored for the first time since I moved to Chicago.  It looked great--and I got the sneaky feeling it was falling out.  FI kept telling me I was crazy, but then my Mom visited and noted "wow, your ponytail looks very small".  Freak out insued, and I found out they had majorly overprocessed my hair and it was breaking off.  Since then I haven't colored at all, but I am going to need to before the wedding.  I am going back and forth between coloring before my bridal shower (end of May) and then touching up a week before the wedding, or just coloring a week before the wedding.  I would get the color done back home where I trust the people...any opinions?
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Re: Hair anxiety!

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    That's scary!  I'm leaning toward waiting until before the wedding so it doesn't get damaged any more.  Maybe a keratin treatment could help to contain the breaking?
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    Oh, that's so scary! I would wait until a week before the wedding. The more you color your hair, the more damage you could be doing to it. Also, get yourself a quality deep conditioner to try and avoid more hair breakage.
    You will always need something to fix.
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    I used to dye my hair like crazy and had SUPER SUPER THICK hair. Its still thick but I know I did a lot of damage and I still see the effects of it. I dyed mine back to match my own color a year ago.. btu because my hair is so long, some of the tips have faded back to the old lighter color. I have to dye it before the wedding. I am waiting until a month before. It wont need a touch up because it will match the roots.

    However- in the meantime- I am using a daily deep conditioner. I am doing hot oil treatments.. AND I am taking GNC's hair nails and skin program, a daily vitamin and a vitamin C chewable (viactiv). This was at the recc of my local pharmacist. It WONT make your hair grow faster or longer like some people say.. it has made my hair stronger though. The shine is back and I loose less in the shower.

    I have also given up blowdrying for the most part. I have messy curly hair. I try to put as little product in it (just moroccan oil now) and let it air dry. I may not look as nice but my hair is less damaged.

    good luck! (i swear Im not insane)

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