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The bride’s family members in her wp have been no help  in planning prewedding activies. Ex: I offered to throw a shower, emailed to see if anyone wanted to be involved in planning, got no response from them. Planned it myself, sent invitations, they never rsvp’d to let me know if they were coming. Obviously communication is not their forte.

Now it’s down to the wire for a bachelorette party and I’m pretty sure no moves have been made. Another bm  asked the bride about her bachelorette, clearly wanting her to have one, but the moh has done nothing. In order to satisfy mine and the other bm’s questions about a bachelorette, that left it up to the bride to figure out the date, activities, etc of her own party. I’d be happy to take the lead and plan it all out, but it’s going to be in their area (of which I know nothing). Also, given the track record, I’m certain that if I attempted further communication I would get nowhere.

Last I heard, the moh wasn’t sure if she was even going to be there. I dk if they’re planning on covering the bride’s portion of the evening. I guess I’ll pay her way if no one else offers. Why is the bride having to plan her own events? I feel bad, but my hands are tied. I can’t start drama and put the bride right in the middle of it. I would just expect sisters & cousins to want to be involved in these things.

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