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Thank You for Shower Hostess

One of my mom's friends, who has known me since I was an infant, generously threw me a very nice shower this weekend.  I really don't ever see or run into her, and probably won't see her again until the wedding, so am wondering your thoughts as to how I should thank her.

I have, of course, written a very nice note.  Should I leave it at that, or give her a small thank you, as well? 
I have a gift in mind, which I could go drop by her house after work one day, or could get her and her H something for our wedding week (it's a destination, and they're taking a whole week to vacation there, too.) 
I also thought about finding out their wedding song (easily obtainable info) and playing it at our wedding (their anniversary is two days after our wedding date)- but wasn't sure if other couples would be offended/wonder why their song isn't being played.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Thank You for Shower Hostess

  • I'm a fan of giving a nice bottle of wine or a gift card.
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  • I'd either drop a gift off with her or send a gift basket.  If you decide to play their wedding song, i wouldn't make an announcement or dedicate it or anything like that.  
  • A small gift would definitely be appropriate -- like a bottle of wine.

    And I love your dog.

  • I'm not a fan of giving wine as gifts - I gave my shower hostesses L'Occitane gift boxes and a very nice thank you note. 

    You don't need to drop off a gift, but I think it's always a nice gesture to do so.
  • I sent mine a nice floral arrangement, along with a nice thank you note
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  • Thanks, ladies.  My idea was for one of those picnic/wine totes that keeps things chilled and comes with the unbreakable glasses and utensils and whatnot - I found a really nice one on sale, and thought it might be nice.  I think I'll drop it by later this week or early next week.  I like the simple flower arrangement idea, too, as she does love flowers.

    Arag, I love your dog, too!
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