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Venue noise ordinance issue

Sorry if there are any format or font errors, I had to copy paste.

Not E related, but you all have good advice over here, so I'll ask...

The venue we booked is in a residential neighborhood, so there's a 10pm noise ordinance. This is what is stated in our contract:

"Any amplified music will be played in the rear garden, and at no more than a moderate degree of amplification out of respect for our neighbors;.
You will instruct the musicians to turn off the music no later than 10:00PM., and make an announcement to that effect sufficiently in advance thereof to enable prompt closure by the 10:00 PM deadline"

We booked a brass band to play for one hour. Taking the noise ordinance into consideration, we opted to have them play early on, around 6-7pm. When I spoke with the venue owner about our plan several months ago he never mentioned anything besides the 10pm rule. Our coordinator (not employed by the venue but knows the owner) is the one who is dealing with the band leader and the contract for them. 

I got an email from her today saying we can't have an hour and instead should do a Second Line (New Orleans tradition, kind of like a parade, can be done through the streets or on the venue property). We have never had interest in doing one, just wanted the band to play a set in the courtyard.

I told her this and she said that there is one neighbor in particular who has been complaining about anything past 30  minutes and that the band could get shut down with us still having to pay the full amount for one hour. 

I'm trying to be reasonable about it, I do understand that neighbors could get annoyed with live music week after week, but at the same time I'm annoyed. 

Would you just have the band play the 30 minutes on property? Take your chances and book a full hour? Is there something to this I'm not seeing? We are really looking forward to this band and this news was quite disappointing. 
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