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Non Hosted Welcome Dinner?

Hello Ladies!

Most of my guests are OOT, so I wanted to have a welcome dinner and possibly a day-after brunch so that we can have more time to visit with everyone.  This would also help more of our family members and friends actually meet before the wedding.

We cannot afford to pay for these extra events, so is it ok to invite guests to a "non-hosted" dinner or brunch?  Is that tacky or would you be offended by that?


Re: Non Hosted Welcome Dinner?

  • If you want to have wedding-related events I think it is in poor taste not to host them.  Just make casual, non-written plans and invite people via word of mouth.  Don't call it things like "wedding welcome dinner" or "after wedding brunch."  Just call them "dinner" and "brunch."

  • If you are welcoming them, then you should pay.  Either ask if they want to "meet up", suggest a restaurant they might enjoy, or skip it.  Because it's not really mannerly to invite them and then not offer to pay.
  • A friend of mine had a very casual post-wedding brunch at her parents' house, in their yard.  They had pre-made food (quiche, pasta salad, bagels, fruit & cookies).  People stopped by at their convenience.  I though that it was really nice.  I'd say I felt more "welcomed" that they invited us to their home than if they had a brunch at a restaurant. 
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