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hello all! My friends and I know we want to start off a Bach. Party @ dos Caminos but we aren't sure which location. Which would you guys recommend? We are looking to go out after to dance but nowhere pretentious or with exclusive ropes- not our personal style. We would love recommendations!

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    if you want to party after go to dos meatpacking and go downstairs to 675 bar-it's awesome! funny because i just suggested br guest restaurants to someone else.
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    I love the SoHo one- but the 675 bar sounds fun too!  
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    Some of the servers at the SoHo loc can be staid and awkward, so I'd recommend against it.  I haven't been to the MePa one, but it would put you in close proximity to dancing spots, but most of them are the velvet rope variety.  What type of music are you shooting for?  
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