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FMIL adding Guests @ LAST MIN!

My fmil is asking me about adding guests and we only have 38 days to go!

The issue:  My groom's step father's family. 

After worrying over who to invite, long ago when I finalized the guest list, I spoke with my fmil and my groom.  We all decided we would invite his stepfather's side of the family- just the Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunts and Uncles.  The groom is not close to these people, has not seen many of them in 5 + years.  NOW they are calling my fmil asking why the kids arent invited,  can they come, and the Grandfather (who accidentally threw the invite away as junk mail) is asking if his GIRLFRIEND (whom he cheated on his then wife- the Grandmother, with) can come.  Says he may not come if this Girlfriend (We don't even know her name) is not invited!  My fmil, who means no harm, is asking me if all of these people can come.  My only go to option here was that she was going to have to speak with the Groom about this one, I cannot be the one to make that decision.

Etiquette????  With 38 days to go this is the LAST thing I need on my mind!

helpme :(
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