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announcements and website question

We are having a DW so we have a website with tons of info for our guests. After the wedding we will be sending announcements to those who couldnt make it or those we couldnt invite. We plan on putting the website the announcements where we will post the ceremony video and lots of pictures from the ceremony, reception, and honeymoon.  Is it tacky to leave our registry information on the website?

Re: announcements and website question

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    I would't.  Thats like "hey sorry we didn't invite you, but please go here to see our photos and videos and ALL the details of the event you were't invited to."

    I honestly would just put a photo on the announcement and not include a link to video; you can give it if asked.  But if you do give out a link I would host it on a seperate site or remove the other weddng details from the site, personally.
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    yeah I was going to take off all other information and just put up pictures and video
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