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S/O Dreams

Have you had any great/weird/interesting/scary dreams lately? I love hearing them, in a totally non-Freudian way.

Re: S/O Dreams

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    My husband thinks I must be crazy because of the dreams I usually have.  Usually at least one dream a night someone dies.  Usually it's stabbing or shooting.  Sometimes it's me and sometimes it's people I don't know, but it's never anyone I know personally.  Last night I was involved in some sort of religous gang violence.  I didn't die, but someone lost a hand by a bullet that was intended for me. 

    Oy.  I swear I'm not crazy...
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    The last time I dreamt I had a baby, I forgot that I had him and forgot to check on him for a few days.

    I dreamt last week that I was on an island near Santorini and I just wanted to go to Santorini.  But the poeple I was with kept taking FORVEVER to get ready and making me go to cheesy tourist spots and wouldn't let me go, then I somehow ended up in an ugly dirty town in Central Africa.
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