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Informing Guests Weddings Postponed a Year

I'm in a bit of a dilemma...FMIL had a slew of guests that she wanted to invite, so I sent all the STDs out in May/June.  We decided we're going to push the wedding off a year to work on some issues, and now she wants me to send out postcards/letters to everyone because her friends are asking her what to get us for the wedding.  Is this something that normally is done?  We didn't send out the invitations....and on my family's side, we just kind of told everyone it's off this year.  I think she's embarassed because of the situation and doesn't want to inform the people she wanted to invite.

Thoughts?  If everyone thinks I should do it, I will....I just think it's a bit unnecessary/waste of money.  But what do I know Undecided

Edited to add: On the STDs, we put more info would be coming out I dunno.
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