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wedding gift.

Alright, I am looking for a little direction here.

I am  attending my Uncle's wedding in 2 weeks. I live in Cali and I am flying to NYC for the wedding. I am traveling only for the rehearsal dinner, wedding, and day after brunch. 

So a little info. this is a 2nd marriage for both parties. They were both married for approx. 20 years, have 3 kids each and have obviously set up their homes so they don't need anything like that.

They did register. HOWEVER. the cheapest thing on their registry starts at around 175$$. I am taking off 5 days from work (travel days) and staying in a hotel for this wedding so there has already been a huge investment.

So my question is I obviously cannot afford something off their registry so what would be an appropriate gift for a couple already so established. 

Any ideas would be appreciated!
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