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cigar roller?

Anyone know one for a wedding?  How much did it run you?

Re: cigar roller?

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    I had two cigar rollers for a party that I did, they were there for 5 hours and were contracted to make 450 cigars, they charged 3000.
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    I called and researched this A LOT! Doesn't have to cost a fortune AT ALL! Here's a big tip(and the companies will suggest this as well. To cut cost-only have them roll 25-50 in person per hour. And then have the rest pre rolled on hand. The rolling is just for kicks. your guests will walk up a see the roller rolling them, and then place it on top of the pile. So your guest will never know that some have been pre rolled. Also its a time thing. You really don't want the rollers there for more than 1 hour...because then you will lose all your men to outside. I had a january wedding, and once the roller started- every man was outside smoking. Some of my FAVORITE pics of our wedding are the ones with the cigar roller! He had him dressed in "cuban attire". We had 50 rolled on site, and 150 pre rolled. We had 150 Guests. this was more than enough cigars in my opinion. We worked with Frank at La Rosa... And I think we paid 650? I'd have to check my contract. They will even make custom bands for your cigars. Email me if you want to see the pics:). Adriennevince @ Its such a great addition!!!
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    opps i had them for two hours...heres what i got 2 hours, 150 cigars pre rolled, 50 rolled on site. $650.00 E-mail larosacuban @ or call 212-532-7450 dunno if there pricing has changed at all since last year and as for how many to get. 1 per guest is more than enough. my father wanted us to get extra in case some men wanted two....but most of the women (if not all), didnt take one, so it balanced out and we ended up having tons extra.
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    Another vote for La Rosa Cubana -- prices/packages on his site.
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