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Tungsten Ring SCRATCHED!

I'm super annoyed. My husband's beautiful shiny tungsten ring finally got a tiny scratch on it.  It's a tiny tiny scratch, but he was disappointed and was not pleased with my jokes about it representing a scratch on our marriage.  Haha.  So just a warning to you all--it CAN scratch, but it is more difficult to scratch.  He works with piping and fire systems and uses his hands a lot, so if you husband doesn't do a lot of work with his hands, he's probably safe with a non-scratched tungsten ring!

Re: Tungsten Ring SCRATCHED!

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    Tungsten rings aren't invincible...they can scratch and anyone that says they will never scratch is lying to you.  However, since they are one of the hardest metals, not many things can cause them to get scratched. 
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