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Dismiss for buffet?

Hi! Long time lurker, first time poster. We are having a buffet lunch reception for about 100-110 people. 1) Do we need to dismiss tables? If so, how? Go around table to table? DJ release a few tables at a time? 2) Or can we just announce that it's time to eat and assume people can figure it out on their own? Do you think it would be chaotic if we did it this way? I don't want people to feel like they are in elementary school, but I don't want it to get too crazy/have long lines. Toughts, opinions, and other suggestions? TIA!

Re: Dismiss for buffet?

  • We had a couple servers and they came by and "tapped" tables when it was their turn.They helped people who needed it, ect.I think letting all 100 people get up at once will result in everyone sanding and waiting.  Standing around, holding a plate sucks.
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    I'm not actually sure who did it, and I was just told ahead of time that it would be "taken care of," but someone from the venue dismissed a few tables at a time at ours.  The people that said something to me about it said it went very smoothly and they liked not having to wait in line forever.  It helped that dinner was on time, which often doesn't happen at weddings.
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  • Thanks for the feedback! I have some more thinking to do!
  • My friend's wedding had the first choice. The dj would announce which tables got to go up to the buffet. Worked fine and the line never got too long.
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  • We are numbering the tables and the DJ is going to announce certain numbers when it is their turn.  I just didn't want crazy lines, I have seen that a lot at weddings, it seems that as soon as you say "food" people will head over in droves and then just stand in a really long line.
  • I hate it when tables aren't released in some sort of order.  It's a complete cluster if everyone can go at once.  Guests will either wait in a huge line or at their table, and I would rather sit and wait my turn.
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