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So I have never actually been to a wedding with programs but it seems like everyone has them now.  I am doing a very traditional Presbyterian wedding so other than listing all of the bridal party (which is on my website anyway) I really don't know what I would put in there. Plus I would like to save the money.  So are they necessary?
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Re: Programs?

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    I did programs... made them in MS Word, had them printed at Kinkos on 8.5x11" sheets of cardstock and cut down the middle. It cost all of $20 for 140 programs. :)
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    Programs are definitely not necessary. I plan on DIY'ing mine, but have every intention of scrapping that project if it becomes too much too close to the wedding.
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    moslimosli member
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    totally not necessary. I've never been to a wedding that had them.

    however, I decided to do them to help our quests understand the ceremony and customs, as we have a guest list with diverse beliefs.
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    I'm doing them because our families do not know one another.

    That way, if anyone forgets someone's name, they can just look at the program.

    We are just doing card stock with an organza ribbon. Total cost for 200 will be around $20.
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    I do not think they are important at all, I think they are a waste of time and money.  Usually left on the chairs at the ceremony and someone has to go back and clean them up.
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    if you do them at all just make sure you dont spend too much money on it. mostly people leave them behind and they get thrown away. you can probably just buy card stock at JoAnne's and print them at home to save money

    happy planning!
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    We weren't going to do them, until we realized it might be hot (outside in May) and our guests might like to use them as fans. I think that's really the only purpose they will I'm running out of DIY projects, and want something else to do! So we are going to print our own from cardstock.
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    Thanks I feel a lot better about not doing them now.
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