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Wording for change of venue?

A little help please with how to word a small notice to slip into my invites. The invitations are finished and ready to go out, we've actually given out the invites for overseas guests already. An uncomfortable situation has caused us to change our ceremony venue, how do I word a short note saying this to place in the envelopes?TIA

Re: Wording for change of venue?

  • Due to unforeseen circumstances, the ceremony will now take place at XXX.
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  • Is it too much trouble/too expensive to change the invitations?  According to your ticker, your wedding is still 3 months away which means you still have about 4 weeks before invitations should even go out.  If that's not possible, I would just say something like:Please note - the ceremony location has been changed to xxxVenue, address, phone number. Make it big enough to catch people's attention because most people throw away most of the invitation after they get what they need from it.
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  • Thanks for the advice, I will try something along those lines. The invites were a DIY project, but i'm not going to be able to find the time to do them over plus order supplies.But Thank you everyone.
  • Would you like to share the uncomfortable situation with us?  Inquiring (nosy) minds want to know.
  • Your invitations are beautiful, btw.
  • lol, since I am a little bored. FI is catholic and I am not we met with the Deacon at FMIL and his church, and he was very negative and was saying how he needed to have a few sessions with us, to see if they approve of us and allow us to marry at his church, and that we should think of our (already set and paid for date) as tentative. I was not very amused by this, and apparently he had met with FI before and made him feel uncomfortable. So now we are going to have it at my church instead. The fact that we live together was seeming to be at problem for the catholic church.
  • Thank you GeekGurl :)
  • Could you do stickers over the current location listing the new location like little address stickers. Not as pretty but clear
  • Because the wording on the invite where the church is overlaps the design, im not sure how a sticker would look, but I'll try that and see how it looks.
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    We changed our venue a week after we sent out invites. What made it more complicated was that our original venue needed the food choices, so we included the choices on RSVP cards. We needed new food choices from guests as well. We send change of venue postcards to those who had RSVPed and who we knew could come, but hadn't. Then as others came in, we sent those out as well. Ours said something like: "Change of Wedding Venue Due to unforeseen circumstances, our wedding venue has changed to X location. Because this new venue has different entree options than our original venue, we will be in touch soon regarding your new options. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you on May 30th! Gretchen & Nelson"
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    FWIW, we ordered postcards from They arrived in a few days but until then, we just spread the word to friends and family by word of mouth.
  • dlo...that is an interesting situation.  We kind of had a similar situation (my DH is Catholic and I am not).  We couldn't get married in the Catholic church because I was divorced, and we didn't want to wait another year or longer for an annulment.  But my nondenominational (yet kind of conservative) church wouldn't marry us either because of my previous marriage.  Grrrr.  So we found another church that would marry us.  Of course, during all this there was plenty of family drama.
  • I like that idea to send out postcards, I think I may do that for our overseas guests. cocoreo3 I feel your pain, though my situation has been a little easier. FMIL has taken the change church the hardest because she really wanted us to get married at her church, but ultimately its going to happen where FI and I feel more comfortable. She'll get over it, and she has said she wants what makes FI happy.
  • I'm going through this exact thing!!! We created invitations but now we are able to have a catholic wedding (his prev marriage was making it tough). Haven't sent invitations yet but they are in. Now we're have to create an insert and don't know what to say
  • The hotel where my daughter's reception was to be held just had a fire and six weeks out we have to move hotel rooms, rehearsal dinner and reception.  The original venue paid for envelopes and cards and stamps for a new mailing.  Trying to come up with cute wording...
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    TJNoack, I suggest that you start a new thread so that people will read it and answer it properly. This thread is over four-years old, and the wedding is long over with.

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