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Do you know if I am supposed to tip my florist, dj, head waiter, etc that day? I know the make up and hair person is a must but what about everyone else? I really appreciate your feedback!

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    Have you checked your contracts with these folks?  Generally, you don't tip anyone who owns their own business.  So, if your florist owns their business you wouldn't tip them, but you would tip the delivery person who brings your flowers.  DJ, I'm not sure about.  Head waiter, I would assume you are being charged an automatic gratuity, but if you think they do an amazing job, there's nothing wrong with tipping them extra.
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    Tip everyone as long as you were happy with the service. I don't subscribe to the idea of "don't tip the owner" - a tip is to show extra appreciation for a job well done, so I don't understand the idea that he owner doesn't need appreciation as well. Like PP said, check your contract to see if gratuity is already included (usually waiters and maitre'd's are included already). If not, yes you should tip.
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