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Small, Family Only Wedding

So I know most of you girls are planning fairly large weddings, but has/is anyone planned/planning a very small wedding that only included your immediate family?

Re: Small, Family Only Wedding

  • Sadly, my wedding IS only really including immediate family and we're still at over 100.
  • We both have fairly small families, so we're extending out to cousins too and only having about 50 people. 1 attendant each.
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  • Ours was immediate family, some aunts/uncles, and very close friends. 44 people total including us. It was perfect and I wouldn't have it any other way!
  • 60 people, family and closest friends.
  • i wish. unfortunately, there will be about 80 people there. your e-ring looks very similar to mine. nice choice :)
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  • 150 guests, including some that I thought, "Who the heck are you? Have we ever met?" Intimate, huh?
  • We had 68 people and it was perfect!
  • i very much wanted this type of wedding, but H didnt.  we compromised on inviting 100, and it was just our closest family and friends.  not all family made the cut if they werent close to us.
  • Yep, we're just doing immediate family (no cousins, etc) And we're at about 35 people. I would have loved to do a big wedding but we just can't afford it. At first, I was really sad and dissapointed about it. But our families are really supportive and keep telling us how excited they are to be invited to such an intimate wedding. Apparently they all love the idea that we're focusing on the marriage and not a party. I hadn't really looked at it that way before. (I still would've loved the party) :)
  • Thanks everyone for your input!  I'm pretty torn on what to do.  On one hand I want a really small wedding with just our very immediate family which would be like 8 guests.  On the other hand I feel like that might be kind of awkward so I want to have it be a little bigger.  It's just once you start inviting I feel like it never stops!!
  • I cut it off at close family - however both of us have older siblings who already have family so that alone was 17 people.  Then we added a few very close friends and are at about 30 people.  I think it's going to be perfect.

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  • We're inviting parents, grandparents, siblings/their SO's/their kids.  I think it comes to about 34 or 35 people.  I don't want a ton of people there.  I want to be able to enjoy myself and chat with everyone and not have to feel like I'm on display at a museum with hundreds of people staring at me. 
  • I want a really small wedding too, like literally just our parents, grandparents and siblings, like 15 people.  However, my fiance wasn't fond of that idea.   I've been in so many weddings that have so many showers and such huge receptions you really do loose focus on what is important....becoming man and wife.  I have a bigger family though so it makes it hard.  I want to keep it under 100. 
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    w0282172 this thread is from 2009.  Most of the people that posted here are probably already married and maybe not even on The Knot anymore.  If you have a question or want to talk about something, you can post a new discussion or "ask a question" to get some advice.  
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    @w0282172, this thread is from 2009. I doubt any of these posters are still around


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