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healthcare reform...

 Think it will happen? For it? Against it? Why? Why not?Go.
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Re: healthcare reform...

  • I'm not even sure what it means yet. All I know is that there is county health and if you're too lazy to sign up for county health, then that's your own fault. Tim and I are both unemployed right now, but we're paying $170 for insurance for the both of us and think lots of people can do that, they just don't want too. And, what's gonna happen to the seniors and their Medicare (which should be having cuts), the seniors are pissed and they are BIG time voters.
  • I think it will happen in some format, but not the way the bill is written now, nor anything close to it.  It has to happen while reducing healthcare costs and insurance costs at the same time.  We can't ratchet up the national debt even further to do this.  I'm for it in principle, for sure - just not the form it's in now.
  • I hope it does not. Against. While I think those without insurance should be able to have access to affordable healthcare, I DO NOT want to sacrifice the quality of my healthcare in the meantime. I also do not want the government telling me whether or not I can recieve medical treatment. The healthcare system in the UK is flawed -- lots of long waiting lists. This is why people from all over the world come to the United States for medical procedures.
  • i completely support REFORMING healthcare. obama's plan is an entire healthcare overhaul that puts control of the healthcare industry in the government's hands. i don't trust the government to run it effectively and efficiently. i'd prefer to see them really reform our existing healthcare and keep it privatized.some sort of reform will happen. it has to. but i think that calling the proposed plan a "reform" is a misnomer.
  • Not in the form it is now.
  • Look what to gov't has done to education, I definitely don't want them touching my health care.
  • Tim and I are both unemployed right now, but we're paying $170 for insurance for the both of us and think lots of people can do that, they just don't want too. I want to second this. I do not have healthcare through my job, so I pay $130/month for an independant plan with Golden Rule.
  • Sarah - what is county health? I don't think we have that here...I think it definitely needs to be reformed...but I don't like how it looks right now.Oh, and I'm really proud of my public school education. But, I was from one of the states with good education, so I might be biased :)
  • what specifically don't you like about the drafted plan? What does your ideal reform look like?
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  • People are lazy and cheap. You can pay just a bit over $100 to cover two people on health care, it's not that expensive. I'll say it, people need to stop having kids at age 19, stop having kids when they have 3 already and work a min wage job. People working crap jobs would be able to afford health care with one kid, three kids is not doable. Just because you have a uterus doesn't mean you should be having a household of kids.
  • My ideal reform is that people don't get sick or injured anymore and die in their sleep of old age.
  • I think this reform is going to end up costing tax payers much more than they want to admit.
  • Vogt, county health is health care through your county, you sign up for it when you move somewhere and they provide you with health care for a low fee when you need to see a doctor (not a monthly fee). Problem is, lots of people don't sign up for county health or change it when they move, so when they get hurt they can't even go to county. Happened to my neighbor. She has her baby, no health care, didn't sign up for county. Kids finger gets cut really bad and she goes to county, who treats the kid, but they hand her a huge bill because she never registered with them even though she's been living in that county for over a year. It's just being lazy and irresponsible.
  • I think this reform is going to end up costing tax payers much more than they want to admit. THIS.
  • Sarah - I don't think we have that option in CT, at least not that I know of. I pay much more each month for my own personal health insurance and if DH were to get it as well, it'd cost us $400 a month for just the 2 of us. That's a lot.
  • I really don't know what the answer to healthcare is though.
  • Look what to gov't has done to education, I definitely don't want them touching my health care. I whole heartedly agree with this.I work a union job and I pay $7 a week for all my healthcare. If I had a family it would cost me $14. I don't want the government touching my health care.
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  • Yeah, we definitely don't have anything like that here. We have medicare and medicaid and that's it. When a girl I work with's husband passed away unexpectedly, she lost her insurance (which was through him) for her and her daughter. Our insurance is pretty pricey at work for more than employee only (we're a non-profit)...she couldn't afford it, but medicaid told her she made too much money for insurance through them. They actually asked her if she could drop to part-time status so she would qualify. Iowa has a pretty good plan for children without insurance...the parents can make quite a bit of money (I want to say $30K for an individual or $75 for a married couple) and still get that insurance. It seems like a decent plan.
  • Healthcare is "free" now but it used to be $22/month.  My friend's husband owes the gov't thousands of dollars because he was too lazy to pay that.Idiot. 

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  • Oh, and I agree with Zippity's first comment 100%. So true.
  • All I know is, my brother is disabled and unemployed (probably due to his disability) and currently without health insurance. With his illness he really should be seeing a doctor regularly, because it probably would be treatable if he had tests and possibly surgery done. He can't afford health insurance because he is not working, and my parents can't afford to get it for him. Even if he could get it, most health care companies probably would turn him away due to his pre-existing condition.This should not be in the United States of America, one of the richest countries in the world. Somebody should be taking care of him.
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  • I was watching MSNBC a few nights ago, they were bashing some group (sorry don't remember who) for posting questions people should ask at town hall meetings on a website. This group was also providint transportation to the twon hall meetings. I gotta say I don't agree with MSNBC's take on that one. I think if they raise good questions than ya. Ask the tough ones. If they are just dumb and won't get anywhere then I think people should be smart enough to see past it. But I wouldn't go bad mouthing some group for providing questions and transportation to town hall meetings. I think if someone is going to go get all upset about it they should post questions of thier own.Now that being said I am really new to this debate and may not have all my fact straight. That show was on while I was making dinner so I drifted in and out.
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  • My fiance knows someone who was on CNN because of one of those town hall meetings.
  • I also don't like the reform how it is billed now, but something needs to change. Sarah-we don't have anything like that here either.  My mom doesn't have health insurance (trust me, she's gotten multiple lectures) because the cheapest plan anyone can find for her at her age and health is more than $300 per month.  For just her.  Not everyone is "just too lazy." Although I agree that a lot of people are.
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  • MSNBC is too left winged for me. There are always long waiting list for government ran programs in this country. What makes government ran health care so different? Also isn't the USA more populated than Canada and the UK? How are we to handle THIS many people through a single payer system? Where will the money come from?
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  • Actually, Mandy, Alberta was the only province (that I'm aware of) where residents had to pay for their health card.  I didn't have to in SK and I was pissed when I moved here and had to.

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  • People are lazy and cheap. You can pay just a bit over $100 to cover two people on health care, it's not that expensive. This is DEFINITELY not true everywhere. To get coverage for me and FI here is around $700 a MONTH. And that doesn't include dental or a lot of other basic needs. It's a ton of money out of pocket for pretty crappy coverage. FI and I both freelance and have no coverage because we just can't afford it.I hate the idea of private companies making life or death decisions for people when at the end of the day all they really want to do is turn a profit. How is it fair for people to have to pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket just for some company to say "nah, we don't want to cover your problem." At least if the government was regulating them they would have someone to answer to.
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  • hmmm my first post on P&E and NWR, oh well. anyway... I've experienced socialized medicine first hand.  i lived in england for a year and yeah it's nice to not have to pay for care, but what kind of care are you getting?  my mom got hit by a car outside the british museum while visiting, she was knocked unconscious and fractured some bones.  we were taken to a "public hospital" meaning government run.  the care was apathetic and the emergency room dirty to say the least.  they didn't check her for internal bleeding, they didn't even x-ray her for 3 hours.  she need to go to the restroom but couldn't walk and I couldn't get anyone to help me for 2 hours and and only then because I threatened a nurse that i was going to let her pee on the floor if someone didn't help us.  they only wanted to drug her up so much that she could leave with the absolute minimum of tests, which they did and we did 8 hours later.  i couldn't wait to get her back to her HMO.  the fact is, i just don't trust the government to actually want to pay for adequate care.  my 2 cents.
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