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Update: How to Not Cry

So I had been thinking a lot about the thread we had on here a few weeks ago about crying and I think I've found a reasonably good conditioning technique.

I picked my processional and recessional songs last week and this week... all week - I've had them on my ipod on repeat ... just those 2 songs.  I can now successfully listen to both without full-on crying.  I'm still all glee-filled and a little teary when I think about listening to them in the context of the ceremony but I'm not crying any more :D

In other news - my office thinks I'm a little bit crazy now... although that might not be new ;)

Re: Update: How to Not Cry

  • My BM threatened to punch my sister in the face just before we walked down that aisle.  It was a joke from the BM wedding.  Her sister said that to kind of shock her and get her to laugh.  It worked for both our weddings.  Gets your mind off of the crying and onto silly humor.  Just another option. Laughing
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  • My dad listened to our dance song on the way to and from work every day for months before the wedding. And then he talked through most of the dance so he wouldn't cry. By the way, I'm glad you're calming down. You did sound a bit hysterical in your OP last time.
  • LOL. I have been doing the same! The only one I still shed a tear to is my father daughter dance to Natalie Merchant (Kind and Generous)
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    I am going to use this! thanks! 

    I think reading what my officiant is saying at the wedding will help as well. That way it isnt a surpise. 

    Ill only cry at the vows...I hope thats all cause i want my makeup to stay put!

    Also what will you ladies use if you do start crying? I want to get a nice lace hankerchief or something...i guess ill look on etsy?
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