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Indoor E-pics locations?

My E-pics are scheduled for Sunday, and I'm worried about the forecast for rain. I really don't want to have to reschedule. Have any suggestions for indoor locations we could use? So far I have the Met and Grand Central. I might see if my high school will let us in to take pics, since we met there (and I went to Sacred Heart aka The James Burden/Otto Kahn mansions, so its a gorgeous location). Have any other suggestions? We live in a super cramped, un-photogenic apartment, so I don't want to take them here.
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Re: Indoor E-pics locations?

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    Hi Maureen, It looks like the weather for Sunday is looking up! However the rain appears to be moving toward Friday! I hadn't really considered an indoor location. I just figured if it rains it will suck and we will bring umbrellas. But I really, really don't want that to happen. At this point I haven't really heard from them yet anyway. I guess I should call and tell them where to do. I'm thinking maybe just giving him my address and we can start on our street and go from there. How do people usually get from one location to another? Do we drive from place to place in his car? Meet him in ours? Walk? I'm not sure how the logistics will work exactly.
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