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Hey girls! Need some opinions pleaseeeee... OK so originally I had my Church at 300 and the reception at 600. The Church is in SI and the reception in BK. After thinking about it, we changed the ceremony to 200. Was this a bad idea? Is there going to be too much time in between? Also the Church gave us two times 200 and 300 and they also said there is a possibility that sometimes they have two weddings in one day. If my Church is 300, and the 200 bride is late I really do not want to wait around and then I will be late and also on the other hand I don't want to be rushed taking pictures if there is a 300 bride. What are all of your opinions. I would really appreciate it!! =)

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    uppereastgirluppereastgirl member
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    I think it is much more considerate for your guests to do it later.  Otherwise, they may end up all dressed up with no place to go for a few hours. 
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    lizzonyclizzonyc member
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    Can one of your family members host a little get together before the reception starts??? Just so people aren't waiting around for hours with nothing to do...
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    PrissyPPrissyP member
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    How long will it take to get from the ceremony to the reception? I know personally I am annoyed when I have to sit around for a few hours waiting for a reception. Especially if I have no where to go.
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    Lola MinnieLola Minnie member
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    I would prefer more time to take pictures so I agree with you.  If you don't have alot of OOT guests, they can stop home in between. Otherwise how about 230 since it's between 2 and 3!
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    I assume your wedding will be on a Saturday or Sunday.  Take a drive from the church to the reception site on the day at around the time you'll be done to measure/estimate traffic patterns.  Based upon this and whether or not you have lots of OOTs, either plan your ceremony accordingly or have some activity that at least the OOTs can go to while waiting for your ceremony. It can be very inconvenient to wait around and sometimes, you'll get fewer folks going to the church and just opting to go to the reception.  If you don't have a problem with that, then pick the time that'll suite your needs (ie taking photos, etc.).  GL.
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