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Ouch! That hurt

Last night I ended up in a debate with FI's friend about keeping my last name. I was actually having fun, I love a good debate. Until Fi's friend said "My marriage will be more meaningful then yours because my wife will have my name and we will be a real family". I wish I was exagerating, that is actually what he said. I was just really upset that he thought it was ok to say that my marriage won't mean as much and we won't be a real family because I want to keep my last name. FYI he isn't in a relationship, so it was his hypothetical marriage that would be more meaningful then my soon to be real one. Mini vent over.

Re: Ouch! That hurt

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    Imetyouonthedarksideofthemoon, I'm lucky because should we decide to combine our names (kinda our last resort, but we wanna keep the option there, just incase we decide its important) both our last names are short and can in no way be funny :) And you don't have to be drunk, I had a giggle too!
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    I'm sorry I don't believe the key to a real or meaningful marriage is the wife having the husbands last name. I think that's complete and utter bullsh*t.
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