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apparently we had a blair witch themed wedding

Re: apparently we had a blair witch themed wedding

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    What a goovna -- I just looked at your bio and I think it was beautiful.  Your flowers were amazing...what kind of flowers are the purple ones, do you remember?
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    jill in your married bio, is that your mom or husband's mom walking down the aisle in a flowy blow dress? i think its pretty..where did she get it from?
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    Ok 1st of all, Blair Witch Wedding is an AWESOME idea!! I'm pissed I didn't think of that....2nd Your wedding was pretty :)3rd What a total bitchbag
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    ooh bitchbag - good use of the word...I'm gonna have to remember that one :D I read through that crazy womans entire bold rant - it was painful :(  and she is without a doubt a moron for buying a house that was not only overpriced but wasn't big enough (in her empty head at least) to have space for all the little mini hers she wants to burden the world with. 
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    msc - the big purple ones were anenomes. i love anenomes.shan - i think mil got her dress from a's hilarious that lunatic thinks i'm jealous because i can't have kids. i'd love that kind of assurance!
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    *dept. store
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