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Shower Question~

I have been a lurker(sorry) on here for a while.  But now I need some advice....I was married at 17 divorced at 20...too young and stupid!!!Here's the dilemma.  I have been married and divorced.  I was engaged about a year ago and am planning a DW and AHR when we return.  My FI has never been married.  Our friends/parents want to throw a shower.  I am trying to keep everyone happy by following the "etiquette"  for the up coming events.  However, what do I do here?  The people closest to us feel it's important to do this(I never did anything the first time)  I also don't want to offend anyone because it is my second marriage? Plus I don't want to hurt my MOH, mom, and fmil because doing this is just as important to them, So what do I do in this situation?  Thanks for any help...

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