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Do not use Groff's Graphics!

Hello all, I'm trying to put the word out so none of you have to deal with an invitation fiasco. Sorry to put up a negative post but I wish I would have read a review like this on them before I had sent them my money. I started out very happy with my decision to use Groff's Graphics for my wedding invitations. The invitations really are beautiful. Then things all went down hill. The invitations were slated to come around the middle to end of October. I needed them earlier so I paid a $200 rush fee. When they did not show up when expected I tried contacting Heather several times. She finally got back to me on 10/19 and told me they were in the mail. I did not receive them until 10/23. She lied as the postage/post office stated they were not placed in the mail until 10/21. We then realized that we were missing part of the monogram seals we paid an upgrade charge for. I tried to contact her immediately and asked if she could overnight them. Also, about 10 of the invites had the addresses printed at a diagonal instead of straight. Heather responded Monday morning saying she could not overnight them, sorry. She could only put them in tomorrows mail as today's had already been picked up. Apparently she couldn't even fix her own mistake by dropping them at the post office. She has also refused to reimburse me the rush fee even though they ended up coming the same time they were originally expected. She has not even been apologetic. She only apologized in saying that she can't give me any of my money back and cannot overnight the seals. Her wording was "The invitations are complete to the standards that we do them. Sorry if you feel differently. The extra part of the seals are in our shipping department and will be shipped out tomorrow." The invitations had to go out incomplete... because I needed them weeks ago. The invitations are pretty but not at all worth the time, effort or money it took to deal with this company. I feel robbed. I really suggest you go elsewhere. If things don't work out just know that you are out of your money and she won't be making any effort to rectify the situation. Total and complete dissapointment and I've been swindled of $200 plus the monogram seal charge. Again, sorry for the negative post but I felt this needed to be put out there. Better luck to you!

Re: Do not use Groff's Graphics!

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    Sorry to hear that - perhaps another reason I'd rather do them myself and at least feel that while not super high quality, they came from my own sweat and tears. If the company is listed on other sites that allow for reviews, then you should certaily add a review there to help others.  Also, I'd suggest writing to the BBB and tell her you are doing so.  Perhaps if she doesn't want the negative publicity, she'll consider reimbursing you. I never heard of this company but I can say now that I won't ever use them.  GL.
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    Call your credit card company and dispute the charge. My bet is that you'll get your rush charge refunded. :D
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