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How far ahead should you do your registry?   I'm excited about doing mine...but I don't want to do it too far ahead that the products change or something. Any help would be appreciated

Re: Registry Timing

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    I had to redo towels, half my dishes, and the bathroom accessories. It wasn't the same registry. Younkers & BB&B.  Do it earlier if you need to, but i'd wait.
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    I registered when it showed up in my Knot checklist last month.  Honestly, I don't think it's that big a deal to have to update it if items get discontinued, but if you'd rather not do that I'd push it as late as possible.
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    We did ours about 6 months before the wedding, right before our engagement party - as it turned out, some people bought off the registry for the party.  I would say within a few weeks of your first shower.
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