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Location, location?

Hi Ladies! I would appreciate some advice on where I should have my wedding.  I am currently living in Gilbert, AZ where I am attending dental school full-time.  We just moved from Los Angeles and most of our friends live in the LA area.  My immediate family is from 1 hour north of LA and his parents are from Northern California with both of us having the majority of our family from out of state (Minnesota and Puerto Rico).  With all of that being said, I don't know where I should have our wedding.  I don't want to inconvenience people by having an out of state wedding where EVERYONE will have to pay for lodging, but I also am not sure if I want to be so far away from where my wedding will be, especially with my limited time off.  Also, I'm not sure if it will be cheaper to have it in AZ vs. CA.  ANY advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

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    It sounds like LA would be the best place to have it.Really, planning from far away isn't a big deal.  I live 600 miles from where we're having the wedding, and it hasn't been an issue at all.  The internet makes everything really pretty simple. 
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    I used to live in Mesa, and now I live in Orange County.  I can assure you that AZ will be LOADS cheaper.That said, I think you can totally get away with having a destination wedding.  I think people are more willing to travel to a vacation spot that's going to have lots of choices for accommodations.  We went with Vegas because it was somewhat central, and there were lots of options for hotels and venues.  Also, don't be afraid of planning a wedding from a distance.  Teh interwebs make it really easy these days.  Just make sure you can take at least one research trip out there to see your venues in person and do a tasting.
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    So long as you stay vigilant I'm sure that planning a wedding in LA would be doable. 
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    I moved from DC to Chicago last year.  Most of our guests are in DC or within a short drive of DC.  Very few of our guests live in Chicago.  We decided to have the wedding in DC so it would be more convenient for the majority of our guests.  It's really not that difficult to plan a wedding from a distance--especially if you are familiar with the city.  The internet and one or two trips to LA is all you would need.  
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