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Service Charge? Tip needed?

My venue does all decor and catering in house and they charge a 21% service fee on ALL services (food, decor) except rental fees.Do I need to tip on top of this?
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Re: Service Charge? Tip needed?

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    I would expect a service charge (esp. one as steep as what you mention) to be in lieu of a tip.  I might check with the staff to make sure that they actually receive the tip though - there are unfortunately far too many employers who charge high service charges, and pay out much less to their employees.
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    It depends on the vendor.  My reception hall had service charges and then had a different line on the invoice for gratuity.  If it's not clear ask.
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    Ditto agk, it depends on venue.Our place had a service charge and then they suggested a tip amount that was about 5%.  We went with what they said.They also said that the service charge was to pay the staff, fwiw.
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