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What are the rules for inviting people to a destination wedding aboard a cruise ship?

Re: destination wedding ettiquite

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    Invite them but don't feel bad if they can't afford the cost to come.
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    You should also ask on the Destination Wedding board; there are quite a few girls on there planning cruise weddings.  When you do, try to be more specific regarding what you want to know - how to ask people? when to ask? what to tell them? how many to ask?  You'll get more helpful answers that way.
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    I dunno...but when the word Etiquette is written CLEARLY on this board, try to spell it correctly. We're having a DW in Hawaii, I sent travel packets, including pricing and hotel recommendation. If people come, they come, if they don't, they don't.
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    Definitely come on over to the DW board - spelling and grammar don't matter over there. Most of the DW brides do a wedding website on that spells out all the details. Then they send out STD's as soon as the cruise is booked/confirmed and put the wedding website on them. The more time you can give people to save, the more likely they'll be able to come. Also, include on your website if you're having a ceremony before the ship leaves port and they can opt to just attend the ceremony but not go on the cruise. That might allow more people to come.
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