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yo cacoffer

i'm sorry i said what i did the other night.  i was in a rancid mood - had a mind to punch the next person that looked at me wrong (some bad stuff went down that day). anyway, i took it out on you, and i shouldn't have.

Re: yo cacoffer

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    Who stole Jill and replaced her with this softie? Anyway, just had to say that cacoffer, your comment in the confessions thread bothered me because I completely adore Jill's dress- but given that whatever she said was apology worthy, I'm guessing it was said in anger (surely no one could meh at daff's gown! :P).
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    MrsLes, you're not the only one. I don't normally enjoy musicals, but I seriously had the biggest, lamest grin on my face the entire time in the theater - I was like a kid at the circus.

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