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My friend in Lynnfield just got back to me about the hotels.Her suggestion is Hawthorne Hotel in Salem.  She said it's lovely and they have attended parties there as well.Good luck, she usually has pretty good taste

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    Thank you so much!!! (I can't tell you how surprising it was to see my name up there on the board lol)

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    Clicked on this accidentally, sorry. BUT! I've stayed at the Hawthorne and it was beautiful. Watch out for the ghost though. Kept my daughter up half the night opening the bathroom door. She's still mad that we didn't tell her it was haunted before we went.....but she wouldn't have gone if we did. And try to get the recipe for the Indian bread pudding. It really is a beautiful old place, great atmosphere.
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    FFS, every place in Salem has ghosts, they're fun :)
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