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NWR: Wonderlic Test

Anyone ever written the wonderlic test for reasoning and logic? Before my interview on Thursday I have to write one, and I am (possibly unnecessarily) very nervous about it. It seems that it is 50 questions with a 12 minute time limit. I've read mixed reviews. Anyone have any insight on these or advice? I tend to stress myself out over small things, ugh.

Re: NWR: Wonderlic Test

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    I've taken it before, and it's not as scary as it seems. My best advice is to really read the questions carefully, as they're worded to be a bit convoluted and confusing. Once you can figure out what they're really asking, it becomes much easier. Bring a calculator (if they let you) because some questions ask things like "if train A is travelling at X speed, and train B is travelling at Y speed, etc, etc..." it's helpful to have the calculator do the actual work rather than wasting your time working out the math on paper, even if you're confident doing it. Writing the math wastes precious seconds!Don't overthink it, either. Most of the questions have stupidly obvious answers, but they hide the obvious behind all sorts of wordy nonsense.Good luck, you'll be fine!
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    thanks SB... I've found some websie with practice questions so that should help get used to what is going to be asked hopefully. Some look super easy and some look weirdly difficult, so hopefully it's a mixture. Did you finish the whole test?
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