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Invitation wording

I know there's a lot of articles on this topic.  I just can't find exactly what I am looking for.  Here's the sit.:Bride's Parents divorced.  Dad is remarried.  Mom is enganged.Groom's parents, all of brides parents and couple paying.Don't want to do 'together with thier families' it's important to us to list everyone just not sure how to do it :)THANKS!  (if you're really helpful maybe we'll put your name on the invites with everyone elses ;)

Re: Invitation wording

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    Mrs. Bride's Mom,together withMr and Mrs. Bride's dad and Stepmomrequests the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughterJessie LastnametoJessie's FI Lastnameson of FI's parents' namesDateTimePlaceHow about something like that? I wouldn't list your mom's fiance.
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    The way lovethebeach had it, it will look like your mom and dad are still married, so don't use that.The second person's suggestion is right.  I wouldn't put your mom's fiance on the invitation but you had better ask her first because if it's going to upset her to leave him off, you might as well throw his name in there too. 
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