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    I can't stand the disrespect.  He is the elected leader of our country.  Perhaps it's because I'm from a military family, but I was raised that it's okay to question your President, but you always respect him/her.  Regarding the examples given early on, if it's the same man from Little Rock, he could have been interviewed before he died.  The woman from Texas has also been on the news a lot.  However, I thought her ins was rescinded because of warts, not acne.  Regardless, they did exactly that, rescinded the plan because of something ALL her doctors agreed had no bearing on her current condition. 
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    And personally I dont think 200 days is enough time to change much of anything. Especially when you get left with a pile of shiite.Exactly.
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    oh please. not too long ago, knotties had graphics of that jerk throwing his shoes at bush. and now we are all up in arms about people not showing the president respect? for the record, i agree. but i think the feigned disdain is funny, considering how few people were in an uproar about the shoe-throwing incident. And personally I dont think 200 days is enough time to change much of anything. Especially when you get left with a pile of shiite.i am sure you are blaming this on bush rather than our do-nothing congress? typical. E, like you, i am socially liberal and fiscally conservative. our government is in so much debt right now, and it's quite upsetting to see obama continue to put us much further in debt. there are so many different ways to reform healthcare without a public option, but he is so power-hungry that he does not want to consider them and continues to insist that the public option is necessary. i know very few people IRL, democrats included, who support the public option.
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    Sarah Smiles- No I didnt think it was funny when shoes got thrown at Bush.  Was I a huge fan of his? no.  But that behaviour is ridiculous.  What makes you think that I wouldnt have an issue with that when I have an issue with heckling? Also, I dont just blame the Bush years.  I never said I did. The situation America is in has been a long time coming.  YOU chose to take what I said and make it anti Republican/Bush.  I didnt.  I'd appreciate if you didnt take my words and twist them into something they aren't.  Typical anti-Obama behaviour.  That last sentence was in jest. See how ridiculous it is?
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    yeah, i definitely thought it was an implication that obama is cleaning up bush's shiit.  if you didn't mean it so black/white and partisan, than i apologize. but it sure sounded like the typical obama supporter saying, "obama can't do anything worthwhile because he is too busy cleaning up bush's mess." you know, the typical talking points! i'm not a bush fan, either, but i put more of the blame on congress than on the executive branch. i'm glad we can agree that it's not funny when people disrespect the president, no matter who the president is!
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    and you aren't the one knottie i quoted. :)
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