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Great Big Wrench

yeah!!! i finally made it home safe and sound from my deployment. happy to be home but sad cuz fi is still on his deployment and wont be home til january...oh goes on. we had originally planned on getting married in june but there is a slight problem with that. a huge wrench was thrown into our plans. i just found out today that i got orders to germany!!! i am uber excited about that but kinda stressed cuz i leave at the end of march. once fi gets home, we will need to get married asap so he can jump on board and come with me. even through all that mess, i will still have to go to germany by myself and wait for him to catch up on everything. ugh!!! not to mention the wrench messed up fi's child custody plans. oh well...things will work out for the best. a great friend told me once "stressing is like sitting in a rocking gives you something to do but doesnt get you anywhere."
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Re: Great Big Wrench

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    We've got friends stationed in Germany and it's on our shortlist for the dreamsheet after we're married. I'm hoping we get to go there, but I'm hoping he doesn't get orders to Germany before the wedding -- I'll kill him so much he dies from it.Germany's going to be awesome. You can go all kinds of places from there, too!
    On bed rest since Groundhog's Day and every day since has been exactly the same.
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