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Cost of renting church spaces and officiants...

Sooo, I posted on the P&E boards, after having sticker shock at the cost of renting the church we are members at for a ceremony. It was suggested that I post over here, since perhaps the cost is very much related to the location...See what you think and I'd LOVE to hear your opinions. It feels outrageous to me...just so that's clear :)(Also, the church in Manhattan - park ave.)Here's the breakdown: (for 3 hrs total use of the space)$100 reservation fee (NOT applied to the church rental fee)$2000 rental fee$275 Coordinator fee$175 security/maintenance fee$300 for the organist (we won't be using one)$600 for the minister$200 late fee (will be held until the Mon. after the wedding, provided all time requirements were met.)Contributing members of the church do not have to pay the rental and officiant fees if their yearly contributions exceed the fees of that which is listed above. Well, we haven't been attending too regularly lately, and no, we have not exceeded those fees in offerings, etc. Does this seem a little crazy? We were trying to scale down on the cost by going with a church ceremony, but it's more expensive than I ever would have imagined. Our wedding is extremely small as well - only about 20 people.

Re: Cost of renting church spaces and officiants...

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    Our church is Queens is something like $1200-$1400 for non-members (members pay $1000, and that's us).  We're paying about the same costs for all the various people you listed- organist, minister, janitor, etc.  It seems the main difference is the $2k rental fee- not sure how common that is.
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    Is the $2,000 rental fee for something other than your ceremony; like a reception?My church in Manhattan is $1000 plue the organist, and singer for about another $600.
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    No, the 2000 is only for the ceremony/sanctuary. Also, I just checked again, and the organist fee is REQUIRED...whether or not we use one or not. I find that strange...
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    I am getting married in St. Malachys on 49th & 8th. The fees are $1,200. This is for music and alter servers etc. No other fees unless i want them to do our Programs. This is an additional fee but i think it is worth it since it will save me alot of time and frustration.

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    edited December 2011 churh was a bargain at $400 TOTAL.  It's in Queens, but still.....
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    What church on Park is this?  I just got engaged on Thursday and the church I go to is 38th and Park...
  • What church do you attend in queens? Actually looking for a church in queens for our wedding. Thanks!
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