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Greek and Persian Belly Dancer Recommendation

I am getting married at the Rockleigh in Rockleigh, NJ in September 2012.  I would love to find a belly dancer for a short performance at the end of dinner to get the guests up and moving and as a surprise for my fiance.

I am Greek and Swedish and he is Persian and Italian - it would be great if anyone had any recommendations for a Greek belly dancer that could dance to Greek and Persian music.  Suggestions greatly appreciated!

Re: Greek and Persian Belly Dancer Recommendation

  • Do you remember Sex and The City2?  I might be able to set you up with one of the belly dancers featured in the movie.
  • Awesome - could you tell me her info/name? Would love to check out her videos. Thanks!
  • One and only caterer I would recommend is Creative Foods Catering

    I used them last year for my wedding and everything was fantastic. Their cost was fraction of any quotes I received from other caterers. The menu was filled with all upscale items such as Filet Mignon, Salmon, Crab Cakes etc.

    They allowed me to provide liquor (a big money saver!!) they provided bartenders and all other staff. You even choose the staff’s uniform!! We used a raw wedding venue in Manhattan for 150 guests.

    Their website is:


    I highly recommend!!

  • I would like that info for the belly dancer as well!
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