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Hey Knotties, I made a new board that is probably long overdue for the “Just Engaged” Knotties. Now when you get those questions about “How do I ask my BMs to be in my WP?” or “OMG! My wedding isn’t for 4 years but I want to start planning right.this.minute. When should I buy my dress, flowers, shoes and choose each and every BM?”…this might a good board to kindly directly them to. I’m hoping to keep this a flame free board because I know when I was at this point of my engagement (although it was a hundred years ago…) that I would have wanted a little puppies and rainbows. We already have a wonderful mod for the board too. Link follows: There’s also a new board that a few of you have asked for, Students. Here’s the link: Have a great week. Annie
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