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STD with Christmas Cards

My wedding is over Labor Day weekend of next year so fiance and I are planning on sending out STD's.  We thought about sending them out with our Christmas Cards.  We haven't decided if we would just include some wording on our actual christmas cards or just include a separate card in the envelope.  Would this be proper or would people think we're being cheap?  TIA.

Re: STD with Christmas Cards

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    If you're gonna do it this way, I'd include a separate card. That way people can save and post up the STD card but throw out the Christmas card as they normally would.
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    Well, IMO, Christmas is a totally separate event from your wedding, the two are not related in any way. So sending them together would be weird. I don't know about whether people would think it was cheap, but I would definitely think it was weird if I got a Christmas card with an STD in it. I would wonder if you only sent the Christmas card to send the STD or something.
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    I have heard of brides including STDs in Christmas cards.  I wouldn't think it was cheap if I were your guest.  Christmas cards often contain a bit of what you've been up to anyway, so that wouldn't be weird.  Just make sure the cards aren't too small - I have heard of tiny Christmas card STD cards going unnoticed in the envelopes.  I would definitely go bigger than a business card.  Also, make sure you only give STDs to people you are absolutely positive you want to invite to the wedding.  Once they're out, you must invite them.  :)
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    We did this. We got photo cards from Walgreens, and they were actually more like save the dates that just happened to say Merry Christmas on part of them.  I didn't really think about it; I hope people didn't think we were cheap. I doubt it's "proper," but oh well.
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    I personally would want to keep the wedding event separate, so it doesn't get lost in the flurry of holiday mail.
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