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I should probably...

...get started on actually planning a wedding.  I DO have some stuff done.Location:  A friend's farm.  She's actually rented it out before.  She has a gorgeous area with a pretty pond, that is perfect.  We're renting a climate controlled tent and if the weather holds up, we'll have a lounge area, 2nd dance floor and 2nd bar set up outside overlooking the pond.Caterer:  Another friend.  Used to own a restaurant.  Still has a million contacts, not to mention a commercial kitchen AND a kitchen on wheels because he used to enter all kinds of cooking competitions.  No idea what food we'll serve, but it will be delicious.Phot & Video:  Yup, another friend.  Not an amateur, owns his own business, giving us a discount.Now I have to work on everything else.  9ish months is enough time, right?

Re: I should probably...

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    im always thinking i should do more.  
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    Yeah, you've got lots of time. I think what I would be most concerned about would be a dress. Mine came in just 2 months, but I've heard of some taking 6 months to get in.
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    Sounds like you're right on track :) You've got all the majors nailed down. Might want to start looking for a dress, though.
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    yup, get the dress & you are good for a while.  We did venue & caterer several months ago.  Photographer & dress a couple months ago.  Now there is nothing to do & we won't do anything until the end of the year for our March wedding.
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    Definitely look for the dress. It was a lot harder for me than I thought it would be. It sort of just snuck up in me and all of a sudden everyone was pressuring me to hurry up and order it. I finally did and it looks like it should be here just before Christmas for my March 20th wedding. You want to allow time for alterations and for any problems that might arise. Other than that you seem to be in good shape. My last thing is to find someone to marry us...that's sort of a big one! :)
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