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tipping question- sorry

I'm sorry, I know a lot of you hate these tipping questions but I really don't know who else to ask.Our potential caterer's don't have a gratuity policy, it is up to our discretion. We will possibly have 5 servers, and we pay each a flat rate. The caterers provide the servers and set the rate.So do I tip based on the food, or their rate?For example, say each server is $200 for the night and the food is $5000. Do I tip each server $40 (20% of their wages for the night) or $200 (20% of food total divided by 5) or $240 ( 20% total of food and wages divided by 5).It's almost a thousand dollar difference between the wages and the food, so it will affect my entire budget.Thanks.

Re: tipping question- sorry

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    You pay what is within your budget for their services that exceeded your expectations. What you have sounds good, but you can lower if it fits in your budget better.
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    I think $200 each (20% of the food divided by 5).  I actually don't really know, but that's the way you would do it in a restaurant.  Although you don't have to give a full 20%.  You could do 15-18% and be okay.
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