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Miss vs Ms.???

So what is the difference between the two? Is it age that determines it? or married single divorcee change it. im at a loss here. :)
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Re: Miss vs Ms.???

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    Personal preference most likely.
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    ms. is for any woman. miss is for any unmarried woman. i'm married and i much prefer ms.  i don't like being defined by my marital status.
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    "Miss" is technically correct for any unmarried woman, but it carries a youthful connotation that some older unmarried women consider offensive (some feel it implies "old maid"). I personally wouldn't use it to refer to anyone over the age of 18 without knowing their preference. "Ms." can be used for any woman, and it is commonly used in business situations. It's the safest option because it is appropriate no matter how old the woman is, or no matter what her marital status (married, single, divorced, separated, widowed, etc.)
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    My great aunt, though, who was 84 when she died, went by Miss "last name". She and my grandmother shared the same first name, and their last names (they were sisters-in-law) were the same, so that was their distinguishing feature name-wise. She was also old-school like that. Typical school-marm. I was Ms. maiden name when I divorced. I usually filled out paperwork with Ms., once I was in college and above.
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