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Videographer Help!

We are really struggling with a Videographer!!
We met with both Villanovisions and GT Modern, but---while we love their style and work---they each have major problems!

GT Modern: $2,500 for the whole day, including raw footage, won't budge one penny less than that. 8-10 month turn around for the video, which in my opinion is too long,and their contract states that you can't hold them to even that length of time

Villanovisions: Really expensive--closer to $3,000 for the whole day, including bridal prep, and we're not too thrilled with the fact that he advertises lower prices just to reel you in.

Is there anyone else out there who is similar to these two, but a little more budget friendly, 6 month or less turn around, all day coverage for $2,500 or less??

Any help would be much appreciated!!

Re: Videographer Help!

  • anna&bananaanna&banana member
    edited August 2012
    Hi Guys.  I have already posted this on another board so I'm sorry if I'm repeating.  I'm new here and I don't know all the rules.  Anyway, I am looking at super 8/ hi res mix without interviews, or cheesy effects, something that looks vintage and modern at the same time, and I found someone seems great who turns around is something like 8-12 weeks.  Her work is outstanding   Best of luck and please post here with your news.  I'll follow this thread.
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