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My mom's wedding nightmare

I have to share this because I died laughing.My mom had a wedding nightmare last night (after we talked for two hours about the wedding).  It's taking place next November, so we have a long time.Anyway, my mom dreamed that she and my sister were in Massachusetts at the church where we're getting married, and my sister was altar serving instead of being the MOH.  My father was missing.  And the wedding had been moved up to this upcoming weekend.Then FI and I were on the altar, and I was wearing a turquoise wedding gown, which is not the gown I picked out at all.  And we're kissing, but the ceremony hasn't even started.  Then the bridesmaids came out, wearing turquoise gowns that looked JUST like the ones in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding."  And they were dancing a cha-cha...on the altar.And THEN the wedding halted so that FI could go change into his FORMAL wedding attire...which was a dress like mine, only chocolate brown.  When my mom asked me what was going on, I said that FI "wanted to dress up, too."The wedding was cut short by half an hour because the pastor had to go do two other weddings.  Instead of throwing rice, the guests threw...dry cake mix....I think my mom was drunk before bed last night.

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Re: My mom's wedding nightmare

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