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Postcard RSVP's taking forever in the mail???

Does anyone know anything about this or how long an average postcard takes to arrive at its destination???  It is about a week after my RSVP date and I just started contacting people and they are telling me that put them in the mail a few weeks ago?!!!! What?! I received many of them perfectly fine.  This could be an issue....

Re: Postcard RSVP's taking forever in the mail???

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    We used the postcard RSVPs-  They got a little torn in the mail, and one didn't make it back, but that's only one out of 100 or so that people actually sent back.  We got some back 2 days after sending the invites out, so they shouldn't take longer than usual.  When your date passes, just call people, they will understand if something got lost in the mail.
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    Just treat them as if they weren't set back to you at all and continue to make calls for RSVPs.
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    We ued post cards too and got them all just fine. We had a few people tell us they mailed them- only to find them in their house or car a few days later and call to say they were sorry! The only issue we had was a few of them got a little tattered- but no issues with not getting them.
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    Ok- I was just curious.  I received most of them back just fine, but I am starting to wonder.  maybe all of the late slackers are just fibbing because they feel bad.  Thanks!
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    I think it mostly depends on what postage you used. If you used regular, first class postage stamps (.44 cents), then they should arrive in 1-5 days, depending on the area. But if you used the lower bulk rate for postcards it can take up to 2 weeks.
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    Why would it take longer if you use the postcard stamps that are made for postcards???
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