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Well...eventful night

I feel excited, embarassed and irritated all at once.Got home from work and met to met my husband at corner restaurant/sports bar (our weekly Sunday night half off steak place....filet mignon for $14...woohoo).  He went at 4:30 to watch fotball game. I met him at 9:30.   Since almost every off strip restaurant has video poker, he was playing before I got there and hit a royal flush.  Which I guess is a big deal...I don't gamble.  He played $1.25, and won $1000.  A royal flush is on his bucket list, so I know he was freaking out.He appears to be drunker than I have ever seen him, but I assume he is happy and order my steak.  All fun and games until he PUKES on the floor.  I have seriously only seen him drunk like that once before.  He felt sick on the 2 block drive home, so I slammed on the brakes and yelled at him to get out.  He got sick near our subdivision entrance.  Then my coworker/bff/neighbor calls me to tell me his roommate was behind us and saw the whole thing.Now he is snoring on the couch.  I keep trying to get him to go sleep on our daybed on the balcony.  It is so nice out and he needs fresh air and if he pukes in the house I will murder is your night?  :)
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