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Andrea Lea

The post was all the way down there and if it wasn't mine, I wouldn't look that far for it.  His super religious cousins are in Silver Spring where all the Jews are.  We are supposed to go next weekend to visit them for Sukot, starting then.  We are pretty sure we're going but sometimes his cousin gets on my nerves.  They are very religious and won't go anywhere out of their area for the holiday but we thought we would drive for stuff like for crabs with hammers that we had before and booze.  I'll know more when we get close. 

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    can't beat MD crabs + hammers and beer, HOWEVER, as you are obvs a good Jew, I am surprised to hear you eat them.  Do you not obey the laws of כשרות (Kashrut)?  How about the very religious cousins-in-law?if you're in town, don't keep it a secret.
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    We are Kosher at home but are bad when we are out.  It has to be for something really good like fresh crab or lobster.  His cousin's family is very religious so they wouldn't.  I'll let you know by next week, if we could gather MD knotties, crabs, and booze, it will be awesome. 
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    work it out.  I'll bring the Salt.
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    The Salt would be a good thing to bring.  I have to make him get lost for a little while. 
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    aww, don't do that - if he can take it, he can hang with the Ladies.
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