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Tipping Ceremony Musicians?

Hello,I'm wondering if anyone knows if you should tip ceremony musicians, and if so, how much?  I'm looking at booking a string quartet, and they charge a base rate for one hour and then another smaller amount for every 15 minutes after that.  My wedding will be a Catholic Mass, so we'll need them for about 90 minutes with the prelude.Thank you for your thoughts,AG

Re: Tipping Ceremony Musicians?

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    We did.20% is a decent tip
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    I am a church organist.  I have never been tipped for a wedding, nor would I expect to be.  I have a set fee, and that's what I charge.Now....on the weddings that start very, very late, I'd like to charge extra, but that's another story.My advice, no they don't get tipped.  You're already paying their fee.
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    I frequently sing for weddings and my husband is an organist who plays for weddings, and we have never gotten tipped.  (And we're often hired for weddings at churches other than our own).
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